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Get better results from your Digital Fundraising activity.

We know that Digital Fundraising is super hard. Tools and techniques evolve overnight, so it's easy to feel like you're always on the back foot. That is why the Digital Fundraising Academy offers tailored resources, expert guidance, and a supportive community to ensure your success.

Get support and skills in the Digital Fundraising Academy

Academy membership is like giving fundraisers a superpower 🦸 The power to keep leveling up.

Digital strategies and tactics are constantly evolving.

The Academy is a great way to continuously upskill teams, stay up-to-date and expand knowledge and effectiveness in Digital Fundraising.

Expert Coaching

  • Top class webinars
  • Online workshops
  • Group coaching calls

Peer Support

  • Round table discussions on the topics that matter most to you
  • Online community group

Practical Resources

  • On-demand access to previous webinars and workshops
  • Written articles and how-to-guides

You'll be in great company...

Step into the Digital Fundraising Academy...

...and join a dynamic group of people who are keen to use digital tools and strategies to make a real difference. 

Together, we're not just raising vital funds, we’re future proofing organisation's ability to raise the  funds they need.

Supporting Charities of all Shapes and Sizes

The Academy welcomes applications from teams seeking to become members from across the globe, whether you are new to Digital Fundraising, or a large global cause wishing to ensure your team stay on top of their game and up to date with industry developments.

Would you like one of our experts to take a look at your digital fundraising plans and advise you on how you can best execute these? We offer FREE 45min strategy sessions to organisations thinking about becoming Academy members. Together we can evaluate if you are a good fit for the Academy and if the Academy is a good fit for your team. Plus you will go away with some free input on your Digital Fundraising plans from one of our experts. Book yours today.

What to expect when you become an  Academy member...


Getting Started

The first thing you'll do when you join the Academy is meet one of our expert team. We'll explore your objectives for the next 12 months and provide you with a custom action plan, outlining how you can utilise the Academy to achieve your goals.

Up-skill and Expand your Knowledge

Our on-demand library is full of valuable resources to help bring you and your team up to speed with the most useful Digital Fundraising tools and techniques. We are constantly adding to this library and have recently started to introduce practical how-to guides, to enhance the existing library of expert webinars and written articles. 


Collaborate and Innovate

Our Roundtable discussions are a great platform to discuss new ideas and learnings. Meet with fundraisers from similar organisations to discuss the topics that matter most to you, problem-solve with your peers and innovate. You will also have access to the wider Academy online community group where you can connect with other members and our experts.

"I recommend the Academy to everyone! I have learnt so much since joining. My team would be lost without the insights the Academy provides"
A photo of Shaun Benson, Marketing Manager, Agriflora Inc.
Rebecca O'Hare, Macmillan, UK.

Over 93% of Academy members would recommend the Academy 

Want to learn more about how the Academy can help your team level up your fundraising?