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Get a FREE consultation to give your Digital Fundraising Strategy a super boost 🚀

We are offering qualifying organisations a FREE Strategy Session. We'll review your plans and provide you with some expert input to help you achieve your goals.

Reserve your session by using the booking calendar, and answering the 4 qualifying questions. 

Here is what we will cover in our Strategy Session


Step 1

We will analyse your Digital Fundraising plans and objectives. We'll ask questions like: Was your most recent Digital Campaign a success? What campaigns and activity do you have planned for the next 6-12mths? What are you doing on Social Media? Do you have plans to try something new?

Once we understand your unique situation we will be able establish if there are any barriers or challenges that may prevent you from achieving your goals.


Step 2

After we understand your situation we'll deep dive into the weakest aspects of your plans. These weak areas are reducing the vital funds you are raising.

We will help you understand the impact these weaknesses are having on your organisation's fundraising activity.


Step 3

Once we identify the weaknesses and barriers, we will propose a plan to eradicate them. This plan will be unique to your organisation's specific situation and goals.

Yep, thats right, you will walk away with an actionable plan to improve your Digital Fundraising activity and raise more funds. 


Questions you might have...

Why is the Strategy Session free? What's the catch?

No catch. This Strategy Session is 100% free. The reason for this is:

We want to help as many organisations as possible unlock the potential of digital fundraising. The strategy session allows organisations to evaluate the weaknesses in their plans, and take positive action to remove them.

Sometimes, during this process, we identify charities that are great candidates for Academy membership, and when we do we can offer them more information on becoming a member. But even if we identify your charity as a good candidate for membership, there is no obligation to become a member.

How can the Digital Fundraising Academy help?

The Digital Fundraising Academy was created by Nick Burne. Founder of Nick Burne Digital Ltd and GivePanel Ltd. Having worked with 1000's of charities of all shapes and sizes he recognised a significant gap between the, extensive, free/low cost, training offerings and the, hard to source, high cost, quality consulting. He created the Academy to bridge that gap. To offer an affordable solution where charities could benefit from coaching, group consulting and access quality, relevant learning resources. 

The Academy enables teams to continuously upskill and seek advice and mentorship, as needed, from the Academy experts and fellow members. 

It is not a training program, rather it is a library of knowledge and access to a diverse group who will support, educate and inspire you.

We don't have a formal Digital Strategy. Can I still benefit from the free strategy session?

This session is designed for charities that are, or plan to in the near future, use digital tools to fundraise. You don't need a formal Digital Fundraising strategy but you should have some ideas, plans and objectives for how you will utilise Digital Fundraising.